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TIEC delivers creative solutions to educational needs using its broad network of Texas universities. Cooperative partnerships between overseas universities and TIEC-affiliated universities can provide a range of academic programs.

Degree Programs

"Twinning" arrangements combine the resources of two universities to create a path to an academic degree. Students pursue a defined plan of study that combines courses taught at the overseas location with courses taught at the collaborating university in Texas.

"Articulation" links institutions to guarantee that a defined selection of courses taught at the overseas location will transfer and meet part of the degree requirements at a collaborating university in Texas.

Other arrangements are also possible to meet unique needs.

See examples of cooperative programming in:

Non-Degree Programs

TIEC can enhance undergraduate and graduate short courses that lead to a certificate or diploma using the same “twinning” and “articulation” arrangements as degree programs.

Externally Funded Joint Projects

TIEC can facilitate joint projects to support faculty exchanges, collaborative research, and joint training activities through collaboration with international educational institutions.

For more information on TIEC services for establishing Cooperative Programs, e-mail us at info@tiec.org

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