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TIEC has the expertise and resources necessary to assist in the establishment of new institutions of higher learning.

Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis – to assist a government agency, college, or university with the early stages of development and ongoing assessment as the project unfolds.
Management Practices – to establish a firm operational foundation for educational organizations of all sizes and complexity.
Detailed Operations – to design and deliver academic programs and administrative systems for institutions

Development Of A New University

TIEC’s approach in providing assistance in the design of a new university involves working closely with the client group to:
• Determine educational needs
• Analyze market conditions and competitive advantages
• Define the mission and goals
• Develop the academic programs
• Determine faculty and staff needs
• Design the administrative organization
• Draft academic and administrative policies and procedures
• Estimate total facility and information technology requirements
• Project financial resource needs for continuing operations.

TIEC also can assist with the initiation of an educational organization by:
• Recruiting faculty and administrative leadership
• Advising on academic and management issues
• Arranging for the acquisition, delivery, and installation of equipment
• Supporting any other activities required for the effective implementation of a new institution

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TIEC emphasizes the use of teams in all of its task assignments. Each service is typically provided by a team of experts, including faculty and others from Texas institutions who work closely with counterparts from the client organization.

For more information on TIEC services for New Universities, e-mail us at info@tiec.org

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