ESL Instructor


ESL Instructor (temporary, part-time)

Job Description:

Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) is seeking a part-time ESL instructor for creating a dynamic, interactive classroom experience in our Intensive English Program offerings. Responsibilities include planning and delivering highly effective student-focused lessons, evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance and support, and administrative duties associated with teaching (weekly schemes of work, curriculum development, maintaining office hours, attending meetings, maintaining accurate records of attendance and student performance, etc.).


Required Qualifications and Skills:

·  Master’s or advanced degree in TESOL/EFL/Linguistics/English or other related field

·  2+ years’ ESL instruction experience

·   Ability to work and interact well with individuals in a culturally diverse environment

·  Experience utilizing communicative and task-based teaching methods


About the Company:

Located in Austin, Texas, Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) occupies a multi-purpose headquarters facility that include both its consulting and consortium services programs as well as its study and training programs.  TIEC headquarters is home to offices and classrooms of the TIEP, a wholly owned subsidiary of TIEC that provides English as a second language instruction to international students from around the globe.  TIEP also facilitates teacher exchange and development programs.