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Beyond connections to universities, TIEC has the capacity to assist in introductions to Texas education leaders, practitioners, and policy makers for customized programs. Our approach to institutional partnership development means working closely with our clients to:

  • Create and implement custom made study tours

  • Provide staff to assist in meeting and follow up reports

  • Identify complementary programs and areas of mutual interest

  • Develop itineraries to maximize time and resources

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American University in Cairo Meets with TIEC Institutions

TIEC organized an event with President of the American University in Cairo (AUC) and a dozen TIEC member universities in Austin, Texas. AUC President Ricciardone was able to present his institution, and the current climate of higher education in Egypt, directly to presidents of Texas universities. TIEC coordinated one-on-one meetings with attendees to discuss collaboration, partnerships, and areas of interest with Texas institutions and AUC.


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