Moin Baig Bio

Program Manager

Moin Baig, M.S.

Moin Baig believes in bridging gaps and fostering mutual understanding between diverse communities. He embraces cultural exchange as a means to promote global harmony and cooperation. With expertise in problem solving, project management, and strategic planning, Moin designs and implements initiatives that positively impact communities. Holding two master’s degrees in Muslim Cultures and International Development, he profoundly understands cross-cultural communication and diverse contexts. Moin’s collaboration skills and fluency in multiple languages — including English, Urdu, Persian, and Burushaski — enable him to effectively engage stakeholders and build partnerships founded on mutual understanding and respect.

Throughout his career, Moin has worked closely with government agencies, international organizations, NGOs, and corporations which promote economic growth, educational opportunities, cultural exchange, and academic excellence across borders. Previously, Moin held the position of Chief of Staff at The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce.