Private & Institutional Development


Professional Development for Educators

Education is transformational and TIEC leverages the experience of 25,000 faculty and administrators to design and deliver tailor-made trainings for K-12 teachers and post-secondary educators. Our approach to professional development for educators means working closely with our clients to:

  • Design or revise curricula
  • Develop pedagogical methods, materials, and instructional technologies
  • Advise on testing and evaluation strategies and methods
  • Train faculty and administrators
  • Deliver noncredit and credit-bearing courses
Photo of university in Georgia


Integrated High School Curriculum Design in Azerbaijan

A TIEC team consisting of university education faculty and high school teachers developed an integrated, problem-based curriculum for a four-year, American-style secondary school in Baku, Azerbaijan. The secondary school was affiliated with the American University in Baku, also designed and operated by TIEC. The TIEC team developed the curriculum design principles and the four-year structure and courses for the first year (9th grade) in mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and technology. Course designs included learning standards, course objectives, topic outlines, and textbooks.

Institutional Development and Accreditation:

Continuous improvement to meet the ever-changing demands in the educational landscape requires assessing and planning.  With the expertise of six different university systems, TIEC masterfully assesses and aligns institutional outcomes with globally recognized standards. Our approach to academic development and accreditation means working closely with our clients to:

  • Conduct institutional assessments, self-studies and development plans
  • Design administrative structures and systems for management
  • Optimize administrative processes required for achieving efficient and effective management
  • Conduct organizational and administrative reviews  
  • Develop specifications for information technology, and management information systems
  • Pursue U.S. accreditation



Strategic Planning Assistance for University of Qatar

TIEC provided an overall program of assistance to the University of Qatar to develop a strategic plan. Under the leadership of the university president, a TIEC team of senior administrators worked with a university team to conduct strategic planning workshops, draft the strategic plan, and design activities to implement the plan.

Review of Central Administration for University of Mauritius

TIEC provided consulting services to the University of Mauritius on strategic issues facing the university, alternative management models, and administrative operations. TIEC evaluated current administrative processes, and recommended options for changing and the university’s central administration; adding several key support positions for planning, institutional research, information technology, and continuing education; and for revising position descriptions, policies and procedures, and decision-making authority.