Texas University Pathway

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Invest in your future with our Texas University Pathway (TUP) program, and be well on your way to the rest of your life! Since 2005, TIEP has helped students improve their English and move on to attend more than 150 colleges and universities across the United States, and you could be next.

TUP (Texas University Pathway): As a consortium of 31 universities, TIEC is a network of institutions positioned to select and enroll international students for undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The multiple universities systems provide a diversity of course offerings as well as common core curriculum for undergraduate students. 

TUP builds on the strength of the TIEC’s consortium model as it attracts students from around the world that are seeking to earn university degrees and require remediation or English language training to raise proficiency levels that exceed university and program admission standards.

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Following an action plan based on goals and aptitude, our pathway program allows motivated students to advance one level each term. Our small class sizes, and learner-friendly environment, supports students as they prepare for entrance into a higher education program.

The Texas University Pathway costs $5,000 per seven-week term with a minimum registration of two seven-week terms.

Please see below for upcoming dates, and contact us today for more information on the program:

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