TIEC-Arweqah Cooperation

TIEC signs a partnership agreement with Arweqah to enhance cooperation within the framework of community development


Austin, Texas — July 3, 2024:  Arweqah, is a leading Saudi Arabian non-profit enterprise dedicated to propelling social entrepreneurship forward. Their mission centers on cultivating a strong and sustainable social enterprise sector. Arweqah accomplishes this by providing financial and technical support, alongside valuable guidance, to social ventures with a demonstrably positive social impact.

Furthermore, Arweqah actively fosters the social impact ecosystem by building bridges of collaboration between social enterprises across the world through its regional programs. Their work extends beyond individual ventures; they address the root causes of social challenges by empowering disadvantaged communities. In addition to working alongside government agencies to promote inclusive policies and strategies that would empower the social ecosystem and entrepreneurs.

In a qualitative step that brings together the academic and social sectors, the Texas International Education Consortium and Arweqah signed an agreement and strategic partnership.

This partnership comes within the framework of both institutions efforts to enhance entrepreneurship, social innovation and impact investment on a global scale. The agreement included a number of points of cooperation, including:

1. TIEC’s support for Arweqah’s projects and providing them with international experts in various fields.
2. Cooperating in implementing social projects in the Kingdom and the countries in which it Arweqah operates.
3. Establishing professional and knowledge exchange programs and study tours between experts in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Kingdom and the state of Texas.
4. Design and build professional, and executive programs in various sectors in which Arweqah operates.

This partnership is an important step towards enhancing community development, sustainable goals and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and contributes to the development of the academic and social sectors. This agreement reflects the commitment of Arweqah and the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) to a shared vision towards an innovative and prosperous future.