About Us
Connecting Texas and the world

About Us

What does TIEC do?

Since 1985, the Texas International Education Consortium, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has been working on behalf of our members to build international partnerships and a global network of friends and sponsors to bring opportunities to Texas and share Texas expertise around the world. TIEC’s university matchmaking has opened opportunities for students, faculty, and research as well as mobility, recruitment, and exchange. TIEC was created to be a nimble programming partner to our public universities, and, for that reason, we have maintained a training institute in Austin and J visa sponsorship services. This flexibility helps TIEC meet the diverse needs of our partners.  

Our Mission:

TIEC believes that higher education internationalization is imperative in improving social, economic, and environmental sustainability across the globe. We serve as efficient and effective conduits for Texas higher education internationalization on the global stage, and as a global gateway to Texas higher education partnership and collaboration.

Our Vision:

TIEC envisions a highly connected world where Texas higher education is accessed globally through technology-enabled learning and innovative international partnerships, and where Texas institutions collaborate and mobilize to solve the world’s toughest challenges.