Membership Portal

Membership Portal

Welcome to your TIEC membership page. We are so happy to have you in our community. The best way to get the most out of membership is to be active. Use this community to help reach your internationalization goals. Reach out to anyone in Partner Finder who seems interesting. Attend events. Share opportunities with your colleagues. Need a Texas partner for a grant proposal? We can list it on our Opportunities Page, and you can reach out to partners individually. Want TIEC to manage a project for you? Send us the opportunity. 

We recommend you spend a little time getting to know the resources available to you: Partner Finder, University Directory, Member events, training, funding resources, and new opportunities for collaboration. Below are 10 Steps we recommend for you to get the most out of your membership. 

TIEC Affiliate Membership Portal

TIEC’s signature venue to connect you and your institution to peers in Texas and around the world. 

A summary of all upcoming TIEC engagements, complete with links to register and join. Also, find information from selected past engagements.

Explore the institutional profiles of TIEC Member and Affiliate Member Universities. Connect with peers.

An overview of resources and guides to working with U.S. universities.

Current opportunities, grants, and ways to collaborate within the consortium.

| Getting Started with TIEC:

  1. Make TIEC a trusted contact in your address book so you never miss our emails.

  2. Identify a primary and alternative representative for TIEC’s Operating Council.

  3. Complete your University Directory profile.

  4. Complete Partner Finder profiles for your Operating Council representatives (you can do it yourself and/or send it to them) and offer the additional three member-included logins to faculty and administrative staff who would benefit from the network. 

    • Let other faculty, deans, and other internationally-minded administrators know of the opportunity to join for just $60/year. 

    • TIEC will recruit faculty first from those in Partner Finder when we need expertise for projects.

  5. Check out the profiles in Partner Finder and start reaching out to initiate conversations.

  6. Communicate to us your priority issues of interest for informational sessions.

  7. Prepare your pitch for a spotlight session; identify Texas universities of particular interest using the University Directory or requesting a consultation call with TIEC staff.

  8. Indicate to TIEC staff your interest in partnering with us on grant-funded projects; indicate when you are developing a proposal and seeking a U.S. partner.

  9. Add TIEC to your favorite social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram…  Announce your membership and tag TIEC. Be sure to share our posts and tag us.

  10. Check out the calendar of events and register for those of interest. Also, create a distribution list within your institution to share TIEC newsletters, resources, events, and opportunities. Unless specified, we encourage you to make TIEC resources widely available on your campus.