TIEC Faculty Fellowship

The Texas International Education Consortium proudly presents the TIEC Faculty Fellowship, a transformative opportunity for educators, scholars, and professionals driven by our goal of enhancing internationalization efforts across the globe. The TIEC Faculty Fellowship offers a unique platform to engage with international education, foster cross-cultural connections, build capacity, and make a lasting impact on global learning. The TIEC Faculty Fellowship is a prestigious program that opens doors to diverse cultures, enriching experiences, and meaningful collaborations.


Global Engagement
Immerse yourself in international education environments, from classrooms to research institutions, and explore the world’s educational diversity.

Engage with international scholars to contribute to innovative educational solutions.

Cultural Exchange
Embrace cross-cultural experiences, build enduring relationships, and promote international goodwill.

Educational Impact
Play a pivotal role in advancing global learning and shaping the future of international education.

Professional Growth
Gain valuable insights, skills, and perspectives that enhance your career and broaden your horizons.


Junior Faculty Fellowship

Ph.D. from Leading Institution: Candidates should hold a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree from a prestigious or recognized institution in their field. This degree should reflect their commitment to rigorous academic training. 

5-10 Years of Teaching Experience: While Junior Fellows are at the early stages of their academic careers and have gained valuable teaching experience. A track record of 5-10 years of teaching, preferably at the graduate or executive level, demonstrates a commitment to education and the ability to engage with advanced students.

Research Potential: While teaching experience is important, candidates also show promise in their research endeavors. Junior Fellows should have a research agenda or interests aligned with the goals and objectives of our host institution.

Senior Faculty Fellowship

Ph.D. from Leading Institution: Candidates for Senior Fellowship hold a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree from a prestigious or recognized institution, underscoring their high level of academic achievement.

+10 Years of Teaching Experience: Senior Fellows are seasoned educators with an impressive track record of over 10 years of teaching at the graduate or executive level.

Research Excellence: Senior Fellows have a distinguished record of research and publications in their field.

Leadership and Mentorship: Candidates for Senior Fellowship have a history of mentorship and academic leadership, such as department chair or program director roles.

Commitment to Advancing the Host Institution: Senior Fellows are expected to align with the host institution’s mission and vision, actively participating in its academic development and growth.

Current Open Faculty Fellowship Opportunites