TIEF Study Abroad Program Development Grant


All Active status members are eligible to apply for these grants. Click HERE to check your status. If your university is not on this list, please email Dr. William Smith, Director of Global Education and Impact, to learn how to change your status.

TIEF Study Abroad Program Development Grant ($6,000)

The Texas International Education Fund will award up to nine institutions with a multi-year study abroad program development grant. During year one of the award, the grants will support faculty and staff members in their development of new faculty-directed programs. The grant may cover expenses associated with:

  • Travel expenses related to a site visit
  • Professional development opportunities with direct relevance to creating and sustaining a new study abroad program and measuring impact

In addition, during year two, funds will be used to lower the student cost during its first year of operation. The Senior International Officer (or designated representative of international programs for the institution) will propose one faculty-led program from their institution to be considered for this grant. The total amount of the two-year grant will not exceed $6,000. A maximum of $4,000 will be allotted for travel expenses to a site visit or professional development opportunity. At least $2,000 must be directed to lower overall student cost of the proposed study abroad program. Selected institutions will decide whether they would accept the funds as a direct donation, grant or gift (all funds for this grant will be provided in the form of a check from TIEC).

TIEC reserves the right to deny items in the budget that they deem as an improper use of funds. Note: TIEC does not allow indirect costs for any TIEF grant.

While TIEF is interested in supporting the development of all new faculty-directed programs, proposals that include the following will receive priority:

  • Proposals that include a sustainability plan, such as including more than one faculty or staff member, methods for measuring impact, and support of leadership to continue the program after the expiration of the grant period.
  • Proposals from academic units that will provide additional funds during either year 1 or 2 of the grant.
  • Proposals that are expanding opportunities on existing programs.
  • Proposals that include a strong connection to two or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the details of which can be found here.
  • Proposals for the development of programs for institutions/academic areas/colleges that do not currently have a faculty-directed program.


  • Faculty-led program must be 2 weeks or longer.
  • Faculty-led program must operate during year two, at a minimum.


  • Impact of Proposal – Will this proposed program increase the study abroad opportunities for students within your institution? Will a good number of students be involved in this program, in contrast to only a few? Is there a strong probability of program implementation and/or continuity if this proposal is funded? Is there evidence of positive departmental support for the proposed program?
  • Quality of Proposal – Does the proposal articulate a well-thought-out plan for developing a study abroad program/course? Does the proposal contain creative ideas with a credible, appropriate, and attainable approach? Is the budget complete and realistic?


  • Recipients must initiate the timeline/show initial objectives met within the first twelve months.
  • Successful recipients are expected to provide a summary (up to 4 pages) of project outcomes and any proposed next steps within one month of completion.
  • Recipient bios and project summaries will be featured on the TIEC website.
  • TIEC believes in creating space for members to share achievements among their peers. As such, recipients agree to present their programs and outcomes for a TIEC-organized webinar or Operating Council meeting.