Continuity of Education & Online Learning

Continuity of Education & Online Learning
Delivering Online Teaching Expertise

Online Learning Support

TIEC, in partnership with the Online Learning Consortium, helps international partners shift to online learning during an unprecedented time for education worldwide.

Review & Evaluation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators around the world are being asked to help students continue their studies. Educators are working around the clock to meet the challenge to deliver online instruction. We understand that online teaching represents uncharted and untested grounds for many educators, universities, school districts, Ministries of Education, and countries. 

TIEC is proud to offer the expertise of online teaching experts from across our network of Texas universities and partner organizations who have built top-ranked online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Led by TIEC’s Chief Learning Officer, Heather Farmakis, Ph.D., TIEC’s eLearning Team offers support in several key areas of need including:

  • Design of high quality and scalable online courses and programs.

  • Methods and support to ensure the quality of standards in online offerings.

  • The creation of resources and professional development for faculty members in online teaching.

  • Consultation and collaboration to address specific concerns like academic honesty, accreditation, policy, and governance for online learning. 

TIEC’s eLearning Resource Team

Heather Farmakis, Ph.D.,

Chief Programs & Operations, Texas
International Education

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George Saltsman, Ed.D.,

Director of Educational Innovation and Digital Learning, Lamar University

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Melanie Hart, Ph.D.,

Vice Provost for eLearning and Academic Partnerships, Texas Tech University

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Scott Warren, Ph.D., 

Professor, Department of Learning Technologies and Graduate Coordinator, University of North Texas

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Kaye Shelton, Ph.D.,

Professor of Educational Leadership in the Center for Doctoral Studies, College of Education and Human Development, Lamar University.

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Jennifer Culver, Ph.D.,

Academic Technology Service Director Simmons School of Education and Human Development at Southern Methodist University.

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Lee Keller, M.S.,

Instructional Technologist, Adobe Education Leader, Moodle

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Cynthia Sistek-Chandler, Ph.D.,

Professor of Educational Technology in the Sanford College of Education at National University and Academic Program Director for Advanced Teacher Practices.

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Sharing Texas’ Expertise in Online Learning

Based on the individual needs of each client, TIEC’s team of experts is comprised of faculty from our consortium of 31 Texas universities and industry-recognized professionals. After assessing the needs of our international partners, TIEC collaborates with faculty members, instructional designers, and distance learning teams at our partner universities to design and develop high quality and scalable online courses and programs. For each of our international partners, our goal is to assist and support faculty to successfully and seamlessly transition to a technology-based delivery of instruction. TIEC’s team also provides ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure the sustained and iterative improvement of courses. Incorporating research-based best practices from Quality Matters and the Online Learning Consortium, TIEC’s eLearning team can support the policy changes, administrative, and faculty needs that are necessary to help education institutions successfully transition to an online learning environment. TIEC assists with program-level course planning and program design, development, and review. Our approach provides faculty with practical knowledge on the latest applications and learning technologies that enrich online course delivery, learning success, and student engagement. As a result, faculty members experience flexible, tailored and personal support as they transition to online instruction.
TIEC’s eLearning team is comprised of Quality Matters-trained and industry-recognized experts with extensive experience in online teaching and curriculum design and development. Our team members bring expert knowledge of web-based learning technologies, pedagogy and are committed to ensuring that all online offerings meet the highest quality of standards. Along with remote learning, TIEC’s team includes experts in policy development and hands-on experience advising administrations to navigate, scale, and implement policy changes.

TIEC’s online learning and continuity of education consulting fall into several main areas:

  • Program Planning Assistance
    • Course Mapping
  • Program Design Resources (LMS-agnostic)
    • Online Student Orientation Prototype
    • Course Prototype
  • Program Development
    • Course Development
    • Quality Review
  • Resources and Professional Development for Online Teaching
  • Policy Development
    • Large-scale policy development and implementation support
    • Administrator training
  • Issue-specific Consulting/Advising
    • Accreditation
    • Academic honesty
    • Policy
    • Governance

TIEC is able to customize our offerings and choice of experts based on a client’s individual needs.