University Development & Design

University Development & Design
Services to Help New Higher Education Institutions

University Design

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TIEC has the expertise and resources necessary to assist in the establishment of new higher education institutions. We offer comprehensive services that extend from feasibility studies and determining educational needs to advising on facilities requirements, designing curricula, and drafting university policies and procedures.

Our Approach to university design means working closely with our clients to:

  • Determine educational needs

  • Analyze market conditions and competitive advantages

  • Define the mission and goals

  • Develop the academic programs

  • Determine faculty and staff needs

  • Design the administrative structure

  • Draft academic and administrative policies and procedures

  • Estimate total facility and information technology requirements

  • Project financial resource needs for continuing operations.


Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane in Morocco

Partnering with the Kingdom of Morocco, TIEC was responsible for the complete design of all programmatic, organizational, and operational aspects of this new private, Moroccan university utilizing the American university model. More than 80 faculty from Texas universities and elsewhere worked with approximately 150 Moroccan experts to develop the academic programs, design the information and communications technology systems, and establish the university’s administrative structure. Initial policies and procedures for admitting and counseling students, hiring faculty and staff, and managing all university operations were also developed. More than 20 project teams generated over 40 reports to support the inauguration of the University.

Feasibility Study:

Forecasting market demands and trends for education and training requires experienced analysis and subject matter expertise. TIEC draws upon a network of leading experts that have helped guide the initial stages of new university development around the world. Our approach to feasibility studies means working closely with our client to:

  • Conduct market analysis

  • Assess demographic trends

  • Consult with business and government

  • Project needed financial resources

  • Estimate total facility and information technology requirements


Feasibility Study for Education City in Doha, Qatar

TIEC partnered with the Qatar Foundation for Education to prepare a feasibility study for a new, private university in Doha, Qatar. The study began with a market analysis based on demographic research, consultations with business and government, and a survey of stakeholder parents of prospective university students. The final report included the market analysis results, an academic program profile, estimated facility needs, projected financial requirements, and recommendations for further action. The recommended design also included a research institute affiliated with prominent U.S. universities.

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