TIEF Internationalization Grant

Internationalization Grant

All Active status members are eligible to apply for these grants. Click HERE to check your status. If your university is not on this list, please email Dr. William Smith, Director of Global Education and Impact, to learn how to change your status. 

TIEC is pleased to announce the TIEF Internationalization Grant (TIG). The TIG will award projects that advance our member universities’ internationalization capacity.

Applications which focus on the following themes will be given priority, but other proposals are welcomed:
– Integrating global learning into the curriculum and co-curriculum;
– Tangibly fostering a vibrant and inclusive culture for domestic and international students, staff, and faculty.
– International partnerships which bring measurable outcomes or benefit to students, programs, or the university.

Applications which bring internationalization efforts to campus, which have positive impacts on underrepresented students and/or fields of study; or reach a substantial number of students, faculty, or staff, and those which have clear timelines and outcomes are likely to be rated more highly.

Successful proposals will include the following:
– Strategic alignment: articulation to the university or college’s overall internationalization goals and grant priorities.
– Approach: effectiveness of plan to achieve desired outcomes; scalability and sustainability of the initiative.
– Scale of impact: number of community and stakeholder beneficiaries and impact over time.
– Innovation: applying funds toward groundbreaking, unique and otherwise outside-the-box ideas, partnerships and collaborations; advancing internationalization in emerging fields of study.
– Impactful use of funds: measurable and scalable outcomes and/or direct tangible impacts from funds expended; efficient/appropriate/wise use of funds.

Applications which primarily benefit a single person, or which are not sustainable or scalable are discouraged. Any funds proposed to be directed to individual students or faculty in the form of stipends, off-sets, travel grants, honoraria, overtime, etc. must be transparently described in the application.

The application deadline for this grant is June 1, 2023.

*TIEC reserves the right to deny items in the budget that they deem as an improper use of funds.

– All TIEC member institution faculty and staff are eligible to apply.
– Only one award per institution (if multiple proposals submitted by one institution)

– Relevance: Proposals should be relevant to your university’s internationalization strategy and address strategic priorities within your institution.
– Feasibility: Proposals must demonstrate the feasibility of the program/project during the grant period.
– Sustainability: Proposals must demonstrate a plan for the scope and impact of the programs/projects beyond the grant period.
– Financial: Proposals must provide a detailed budget of the funding requested. Direct and/or in-kind cost sharing is strongly encouraged. A line-item budget and justification must be submitted as part of the proposal.

Requirements of Award:
– Recipients must initiate the timeline/show initial objectives met within the first twelve months.
– Successful recipients are expected to provide a summary (up to 4 pages) of project outcomes and any proposed next steps within one month of completion.
– Recipient bios and project summaries will be featured on the TIEC website.
– TIEC believes in creating space for members to share achievements among their peers. As such, recipients agree to present their programs and outcomes at the 2024 TIEC conference (TBA) and a TIEC-organized webinar or Operating Council meeting.