Tiec Membership
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Since 1985, TIEC has been working on behalf of our members to build international partnerships and a global network of peers around the world to create activated, long-term partnerships. With membership, TIEC offers Texas public and private universities and internationally-based universities an exclusive network devoted to partnership and collaboration.

TIEC’s goal is to attract opportunities to Texas and to share Texas expertise around the world.

We serve as a central contact for institutions looking for specific expertise, academic programs, development projects, and custom models of cooperation. TIEC’s programs and services have facilitated international research partnerships, curriculum support, faculty cooperation, student mobility, international recruitment, and exchange between Texas and the world. We are Texas-based and globally engaged, because now more than ever, international partnerships for strong higher education collaboration are needed.

We take the guesswork out of networking, saving everyone time, money, and effort.

Once a member, TIEC gets to know you well and help connect you with potential partners based on your institutional strengths and interests. Through the TIEC network, it takes a fraction of the time and effort to find a partner than reaching out institution by institution. TIEC’s members are vetted so that joint programs can begin from day 1. 

Through TIEC Partner Finder, member spotlight sessions, and informative programming, we provide members what they need to get the job done: build lasting partnerships, revenue-generating programs, exchange programs, and joint funding proposals.

Membership: How It Works

Who is the member?

When you join TIEC, your university as a whole, rather than an individual faculty member or administrator, becomes a member.

What types of membership does TIEC offer?


(Texas Only)

Open to public and private universities located in Texas. TIEC is proud to have Texas universities of all sizes, located across the Lonestar State, as part of our consortium.


(Outside of the U.S.)

By invitation only, TIEC offers an affiliate membership to select institutions of higher education from around the world.

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