In-Person Professional Development Exchange Programs

In-Person Professional Exchange Programs


TIEC and TIEP have successfully conducted more than 50 faculty development programs in the United States and overseas with various countries in the Middle East, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With the aim to connect thought leaders in primary, secondary, and higher education, TIEC provides flexible professional development programs that last between two weeks and six months.

Program Components:


TIEC offers a range of seminars that can be cutom designed for each program’s specific professional development needs. Instructors model modern research-based instruction that is learner-centered and interactive, foster meaningful discussion, and encourage participants to draw connections between the content and their own experience. Seminars include but are not limited to effective teaching techniques, teaching diverse populations, professional learning communities, and 21st century skills for English-language learners.


TIEC employs its in-house expertise and draws upon resources from across our consortium to deliver specialized workshops and lectures by esteemed guest speakers. Workshops are short, hands-on sessions that connect participants to educational communities across Texas and empower educators to increase teaching capacity in their home institutions.

Expert Speaker Series

Experts from our consortium-member universities and other educational leaders provide participants with lectures and round-table discussions on specific topics.

School Site Residencies

TIEC is proud to partner with the Austin Independent School District and select private institutions to offer chool site visits that feature extensive classroom observations, mentor-teacher matching and opportunities for micro-teaching and cultural exchange.

Cultural Excursions

Participants have the chance to experience real Texas hospitality and gain a unique peek into the culture of Texas and the Southwestern United States. Cultural excursions offer opportunities to meet with local residents, experience Texas customs, and learn firsthand the history and culture of the community.

Sustainability and Impact

TIEC equips participants to multiply the effect of their training by developing detailed action plans to address issues in their own learning environments. Additionally, participants are prepared to deliver Train-the-Trainer lessons designed to share their learning with colleagues and peers upon their return home.


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