Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

Both in-house and across our network of 25,000 faculty and staff, TIEC’s diverse experts span all fields of study and professional disciplines.

Examples of recent fields of collaboration:

  • Civil and Electrical Engineering with Texas Tech University

  • Cyber Security with the University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Nursing with the University of Texas at Arlington

  • Youth Entrepreneurship with Texas A&M International University

  • Student mobility programs with Lamar University and Texas State University

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship with Texas Woman’s College

  • Online degree programs with the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

In-house expertise

TIEC is comprised a full-time staff of experienced international professionals who are able to guide projects, partnerships, and instruction with decades of combined experience.
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Consortium faculty & experts

TIEC is proud of the range and diversity of the university scholars that collaborate on TIEC’s professional development and educational consulting projects. We bring together a cross-section of experts from across our 41-member university consortium to best serve the needs of our international partners while enriching the experiences of our universities’ scholars and researchers.
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