TIEC has an unparalleled ability to serve international higher education needs.

TIEC is a Texas-based, globally engaged consortium of 42 higher education institutions in Texas and around the world. Our partners are served by TIEC’s ability to access the expertise of over 50,000 faculty and administrators and by our strong presence in the 10th largest economy in the world. Our experience and ingenuity are regularly called upon to provide innovation and best practices for the higher education sector globally, including helping established institutions gain accreditation, create new degree programs, and modernize curriculum; and we map, plan and execute new university designs and curricular programs for investors and government institutions.

As a network, TIEC offers member institutions global connections that advance international strategies, build programmatic capacity, increase student mobility, and enhance global engagement to complement and strengthen comprehensive internationalization efforts at the institutions. Texas universities are a powerhouse together, and TIEC believes in the cross-sharing of ideas and information between all of our member organizations.

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Kwame Nkumah University of Science and Technology