Steven Kroman bio

Director of Programs

Steven Kroman, M.A.

Steven Kroman, TIEC’s Director of Programs, has successfully implemented a variety of Department of State grants and many other privately funded initiatives. This includes teacher and administrator training programs that familiarized instructors with modern teaching methodologies and increased the capacity of institutions to implement curricular change. He specializes in project and grant management, program development and execution, and systems administration. He has implemented programs with partners all over the world, including Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Columbia, and Brazil.

Steven earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Boston University in 2009 and his master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. He taught EFL in Japan for four years, simultaneously achieving top-level proficiency in Japanese. He has a background in language learning methodologies, instructional technologies, phonology, and pronunciation.