Uruguay Fulbright Recipients Get Texas Family Welcome Thanks to TIEC

TIEC conducted a professional development program for 25 Uruguayan secondary and elementary public school educators, January 3 to February 17, 2018, under the auspices of the Uruguay Fulbright Commission. Following a brief stay in Washington, D.C., these educators spent two weeks in Austin in various local area public schools with U.S. educator counterparts, in addition to attending local cross-cultural programs.

During this time, the visiting Uruguayan educators lived with their Austin Independent School District (AISD) host teacher or with a local family.

“I have hosted in the past,” said Lori Saucedo, a middle school Spanish teacher in Austin who participated in the program for the second time this year. “It has been an amazing experience for both my students and my children at home – and, of course, for me.”