UAE Colloquy on HEI

Consortium Launches Colloquy on Higher Education Collaboration with the UAE funded by U.S. Department of State


Austin, Texas – June 10, 2024: The Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) is thrilled to unveil its upcoming Colloquy on Higher Education Collaboration, a groundbreaking initiative funded by the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Mission to the UAE. This unique program is poised to significantly contribute to the realization of the UAE Ministry of Education’s Vision 2030 National Agenda by fostering a premier education system through intentional, high-quality exchanges between higher education institutions (HEIs) in Texas and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“This collaboration represents a pivotal moment in educational diplomacy, offering a solid framework for shared learning and innovation between the UAE and Texas,” states Robin Solomon, Counselor for Public Affairs, United States Embassy to the UAE Aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and showcasing the strengths of the U.S. higher education model, the colloquy is designed to foster durable, actionable partnerships. Enriching these objectives, faculty and administrators from Texas, alongside University Leadership Council (ULC) designees from the UAE, will delve into extensive virtual and in-person exchanges, including two virtual seminars followed by an immersive visit to Texas in Fall 2024.

Robin Lerner, President and CEO, at TIEC, adds, “The significance of this initiative lies in its ability to break new ground in educational collaboration, setting a benchmark for future international education partnerships.” TIEC’s instrumental role in this initiative underscores its commitment to advancing global education through a rich network of universities, each bringing a wealth of expertise and a shared dedication to internationalization and educational innovation.

Heather Farmakis, PhD, Chief Operations Officer of TIEC, comments, “At the heart of this initiative is the cultivation of robust collaborations between Texas and the UAE. By joining hands with our counterparts in the UAE, we not only share best practices, but also co-create educational paradigms that advance our respective institutions and the international academic community at large.” Over the program’s duration, participants will be immersed in a series of roundtable discussions, seminars, and university visits, designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the collaborative frameworks that illustrate the backbone of Texas’s educational success.

The Colloquy on Higher Education Collaboration between the UAE and Texas is a critical step toward enhancing global educational outcomes, workforce readiness, and the establishment of sustainable, impactful partnerships. TIEC looks forward to facilitating this dynamic exchange of knowledge and cultural understanding, as it continues to serve as a leading implementer of educational capacity-building programs worldwide.

Press Contact:
Heather Farmakis, PhD
Chief Operations Officer

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