TIEC Launches Curriculum Review Project with Badr University in Cairo

The Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) is very pleased to be launching a new partnership with Badr University in Cairo (BUC). The program goal is to provide useful and tangible recommendations for increasing BUC’s capacity to reach international standards and accreditation for its Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

“We are looking forward to commencing this project and beginning what we expect to be a long and lasting partnership with Badr University,” said TIEC’s President and CEO Robin J. Lerner. “I am impressed with the leadership at BUC and their vision for creating a state of the art, wide-ranging health sciences program. Our collaboration with their College of Nursing is just the first step, and we hope to see two-way student mobility and research partnerships grow between TIEC and BUC in the future”

President Lerner will be turning the project management over to a team from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), who will map out the review activities with counterparts at BUC.

“The TIEC consortium universities have incredible capacity and depth in the field of nursing, and while we are beginning with UTA, we hope to have more health-oriented projects for additional TIEC universities to collaborate on in the future,” President Lerner said. “Access to a 25,000-strong network of faculty and staff allows TIEC to bring together a team that is uniquely qualified to meet any and all international education needs.”

The curriculum review project will include desk reviews, video conferences between the review team and faculty and leadership at BUC, in-country travel and the completion of a set of carefully considered recommendations. As part of all TIEC projects, recommendations will include steps to take to execute successful international programs with TIEC members, and facilitation toward the creation of new partnerships between BUC and TIEC members.

“I was fortunate to have focused on Egypt during my previous career with the U.S. Department of State,” President Lerner said. “It is a personal and professional joy for me to create partnerships between TIEC and what I consider to be my second home. Educational reform is underway in Egypt, especially in the K-12 stage. While all stakeholders understand the complicated and difficult path it will be to achieve the Minister of Education’s ambitious goals, we are rooting for their success. We are a partner and cheerleader to BUC as it seeks to offer an even higher performing educational program for Egyptian students.”

The project includes an assessment of BUC’s BSN components, including vision, goals, bylaws, syllabi, textbooks, and technology infrastructure, to name only a few. The review will make recommendations related to educational partnerships between TIEC institutions and Badr University, faculty development,  U.S. accreditation and student preparedness for the NCLEX exam.

“We at TIEC truly believe in the transformational power of international educational partnerships,” President Lerner said. “Transformation in our view is a two-way street, for our international partners, and our Texas universities. Sharing knowledge on a global scale makes us all stronger in the long-run.”

The project will last from March to November 2019 when TIEC submits the final report to Badr University. Read More about TIEC’s Consulting Services on our website.