TIEC Partner Awarded “Outstanding Learning Philosophy” During Forbes Middle East’s Higher Education Ceremony

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU), a long-standing partner of the Texas International Education Consortium, was honored with the “Outstanding Learning Philosophy” award at Forbes Middle East’s Higher Education Awards on April 23rd.

The inaugural ceremony “recognized the Middle East’s top higher-education institutes based on votes from those who know them best–the students, teachers and business people that work in and with them,”  according to Forbes Middle East’s website.

“TIEC, along with dozens of our member universities, have worked with PMU from its very inception,” said TIEC President and CEO Robin Lerner. “From its initial university design, numerous curriculum reviews, to hosting PMU’s first ever study abroad program last fall in Austin, we have witnessed first-hand the level of academic success and rigor PMU emotes. We are thankful to have them as one of our most committed partners.”

PMU is a private co-ed university in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and has worked with TIEC on projects dating back to its founding by Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd in 2006. Its design is based on the American model for academic programs and administrative organization, and was developed in conjunction with TIEC.

The University is accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education and regionally by NCAAA (The National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment).

“PMU and TlEC sustained a successful partnership since the first days that PMU was established,” said Dr. Yousif M. Suleiman, Office of Vice Rector. “This partnership resulted in an academic institution that satisfies international standards and is a new addition to traditional higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. PMU satisfied the aspirations of its founders by being an Academic Institution that contributes to the advancement of human knowledge and the preparation of future leaders.”

TIEC looks forward to hosting another PMU Study Abroad program this fall for its students, and is currently working with the institution on several curriculum review projects.