TIEC’s Texas Intensive English Program Shifts from IEP to Pathway

TIEC’s Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) has long issued high-quality English language instruction to students around the world. In fact, since it opened in 1965 as a part of The University of Texas at Austin, TIEP has taught an astounding 30,000 students from 131 countries.

Beginning this spring, TIEC will officially switch its offerings from an intensive English program to solely that of a pathway model, one that pairs its 31-member consortium with its 50 years of intensive English experience to help students matriculate into Texas universities.

“Despite a decrease in international students coming to the United States, the demand for English and high-quality education has never been stronger,” said TIEC President and CEO Robin Lerner. “By launching our Texas University Pathway (TUP), we stand true to our mission of creating lasting relationships between Texas higher education and individuals and counterparts around the world through collaboration, co-creation, and the sharing of knowledge and values.”

The Texas University Pathway, according to President Lerner, builds on the strength of TIEC’s consortium model, as it attracts students from around the world who are seeking to earn university degrees and require remediation or English language training to raise proficiency levels that exceed university and program admission standards.

The 30 hour per week intensive TUP program aims to prepare university-bound international students for admissions and academic success at Texas universities through a series of specialty services. The program provides a pathway to more than 20 colleges and universities that have agreed to offer conditional admission and/or TOEFL waivers to students completing the highest language level at TIEP.

TUP is a rigorous, supportive, and student-centered pathway program for students, according to TIEC Vice President Ryan Buck, PhD.

“At our core, we are committed to advancing international diversity at our Texas universities, ” Dr. Buck said. “TUP will continue to offer a pathway into Texas universities for international students despite an increase in intensive English program closures across the country. We remain committed to preparing non-native English speakers for university success here in Texas.”

According to Dr. Buck, the program will offer 18 hours per week of intensive English learning, eight hours of supplemental learning, four hours per week of guided practicum, a unique online TOEFL prep course—even opportunities for advanced students to earn university credit in various disciplines.

 “This course guides students on a pathway to success from the moment they enter our doors,” said Heather Farmakis, PhD, TIEC’s Senior Director of Global Learning. “We  will provide workshops to prepare students to apply to university, internship, and service opportunities; student advising and support services; and an individualized student action plan to ensure every individual is on the track to success.”

Following an action plan based on goals and aptitude of each individual student, TUP will advance motivated students one level every seven weeks, with the objective of matriculation into a higher education program after 12 months. Class sizes for the program will be small, with an average ratio of 10-1 student-to-teacher for classes and tutoring sessions with an average ratio of 5-1 student-to-teacher.

The Texas University Pathway costs $5,000 per seven-week term with a minimum registration of two seven-week terms (approximately one semester in fall or spring).

The Texas University Pathway will begin in January 2019.

TIEC is a non-profit organization that represents international partnerships and efforts for 31-public universities across the state of Texas.