Smart Cities Professional Development Course Reviewed by TIEC Team

TIEC recently completed a review of content for a Smart Cities Professional Development course developed by KAYA Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

The multidisciplinary engineering course was designed for technical professionals in cities throughout the world but will focus initially on cities in India. Kaya Consulting Services is based in India where the national government has a program to assist cities in becoming “smarter.”

“Innovation ideas from start-up companies need hand-holding,” said Mohammed Asgharuddin Ahmed of KAYA Consulting. “Having faith and trust in us and the idea, TIEC offered just that. We value our partnership with TIEC and together we have ensured that a start-up company from India can introduce multidisciplinary engineering courses on smart physical infrastructure for smart cities around the world.”

“Smart cities” uses advanced information technologies to design, manage, and operate the technical systems that support urban living. The five-part course intends to help the technical leaders of cities understand the relationship between the major infrastructure systems of the city including transportation, communications, waste management, water supply, power supply, etc.

“To build and operate ‘Smart cities’ around the world will require a very large number of appropriately trained, or ‘smart’, people,” said TIEC team lead for the project, Joe Stafford, PhD. “Facilitating the work of the ’smart’ TIEC engineers in the review of the curriculum created by the ‘smart’ people of KAYA was an experience with huge potential impact.”

Each of the major systems used shared information technologies and frequently shared data about users, geography, and other elements that are essential to the efficient and effective functioning of the systems. Review of the course content was performed by Texas engineering faculty with expertise in the specialized infrastructure systems.

TIEC has a long history of assembling teams of university faculty to review curricular content. Teams typically review the content of college and university courses to ensure that they meet international standards. This was the first time that a team was assembled to review the content of a professional development course to be offered by a consulting company.

“We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with TIEC to bring smartness and deliver value to aspiring smart cities around the globe,” Ahmed said.