Vice President Travels to Colombia to Speak to Outgoing Fulbright Scholars

TIEC Vice President Ryan Buck, PhD, was invited by the Fulbright Commission in Colombia to speak at the orientation for a group of 120 Colombian Fulbright Scholars preparing to leave for their placements around the United States, including several Texas universities. His talk on education systems in the United States, entitled, “Navigating Institutions and Maximizing Student Support Services,” aimed at arming the outbound students with the knowledge necessary to succeed on any university campus.

“It’s so vital that international students coming to the United States familiarize themselves with how our universities work if they want to succeed,” Dr. Buck said. “Knowing the ‘rules of the game,’ connecting with the campus’ International Office, and joining groups and activities with non-international students is key to becoming fully immersed in campus life.”

Dr. Buck also suggests familiarizing oneself with campus resources such as counseling, career services, health clinics, and making time to learn about local life outside of a university setting as well.

“A lot of studying abroad is getting to know local customs, laws, and practices,” Dr. Buck said. “While getting ‘campus life’ and the academic structure of U.S. universities systems is important—so is experiencing the culture of the city around you and making friends with the people who live there.”

The Fulbright Program awards approximately 8,000 grants annually. Roughly 1,900 U.S. students, 4,000 non-U.S. students, 1,200 U.S. scholars, and 900 visiting scholars receive awards, in addition to several hundred teachers and professionals. Find out more on the Fulbright website.