TIEC Builds Online TOEFL Prep for Nurses Abroad

The Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) is looking to help fill this gap by entering a partnership with Global Professional Resources LLC (GPR) to create an Online Test Prep Program, that prepares non-native English speakers to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

 “TIEP’s TOEFL Online Prep Program is expertly designed for any non-native English speaker looking to prepare for a standardized proficiency test,” said TIEC Vice President Ryan Buck, PhD. “The 12-week program teaches users successful test-taking strategies designed to help improve scores, while simultaneously offering extensive practice in the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills needed to perform well on tests similar to the TOEFL iBT.”

The program includes comprehensive curriculum on an online learning platform that is designed by TIEC’s own Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) with input from the nationally-ranked nursing programs across TIEC’s 31 member universities.

It includes a TOEFL iBT Complete Practice Test for each enrolled student at the end of the 12-week course, offers continuous assessment with monthly progress reports on student engagement and progress, and makes an experienced ESL instructor available to support student learning through an online video conference platform.

The ability to pass the NCLEX, will allow non-U.S. nurses the opportunity to come and work in the United States.