TIEC’s Egypt University Partnerships Accelerator

TIEC Launches University Partnerships Accelerator to Strengthen Ties in Renewable Energy between Texas and Egypt

The Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) has made it our mission to build global partnerships between Texas universities and higher education institutions around the world. This July, we again put that mission into action with a new initiative sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Cairo. TIEC’s Egypt University Partnerships Accelerator (UPA) will provide a platform for participants to share innovations and current research at their universities in the field of renewable energy, laying the groundwork for future collaborations between faculty in Egypt and Texas.

“Texas has long been a leader in energy. In recent years, the state’s industry has transitioned that leadership into renewable energy, which is supported by a diverse array of sustainable and renewable energy research centers across multiple Texas universities,” said Robin Lerner, JD, President & CEO of TIEC. “This newest program, the Egypt University Partnerships Accelerator,  is an opportunity to forge connections with our network of Texas renewable energy experts and a community of researchers in another part of the world.” 

The program started with a series of virtual seminars this spring, preparing participants for a 10-day in-person exchange in July 2022. The final phase of the program will establish a facilitated community of practice between Egyptian and Texas counterparts with the goal of creating an action plan for collaborative programming between Egyptian and Texas faculty. Participants will also gain an understanding of opportunities for partnerships. Long-term, this project will lead to sustained global collaborations between institutions of higher education and strengthen ties between the U.S. and Egypt.

Participating universities include the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Assiut University, Badr University, Cairo University, Galala University, Alexandria University, and Suez Canal University in Egypt, along with a number of different TIEC consortium institutions with cutting-edge research in an array of renewable energies.

To learn more about TIEC’s Energy Working Group, read more here or check out our full list of member universities here: www.tiec.org/member-universities