TIEF 2023 COIL and Study Abroad Development Grant Recipients

Inspiring Innovation in Internationalization: TIEF Announces its 19 COIL and Study Abroad Development Grant Recipients for 2023

The Texas International Education Fund was born out of the belief that The Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC) is only as effective as the opportunity it brings to its members, and the outcomes it achieves. Driven by those core values, we are over the moon to introduce the exceptional educators and institutions awarded our inaugural COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) and Study Abroad Development grants for 2023.

The COIL and Study Abroad Development grants invest in new ideas and efforts that will expand international opportunities for Texas students. Through our recipients’ dedication and innovative approaches, TIEF will support the development of globally conscious students through 19 new projects.

These grants exemplify TIEF’s commitment to supporting the internationalization efforts of consortium members, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and contributing to global sustainability. The range of our recipients’ topics is as wide-ranging as our members – transforming teaching from the classics to sustainability, food, health, technology and fashion. The impact of these educators and institutions in expanding international education opportunities is immeasurable.

Let’s explore the first-ever class of Texas International Education Fund awardees and their new initiatives.

COIL Grant Recipients: Embracing Global Collaboration

The COIL Grant recipients exemplify the power of collaboration and virtual exchange in cultivating cross-cultural understanding and global competence among students. Their innovative courses transcend geographical boundaries, providing students with immersive global experiences. Below are highlights of our outstanding COIL Grant recipients and their impactful partnerships.

University of Texas at Arlington – Ariadna Reyes Sanchez
Course: Sustainable Planning in the US and Mexico: Housing, Transportation and Climate Justice Perspectives
Partner Institution: Centro de Investigación en Ciencias de Información Geoespacial, A.C. (Mexico)

University of Houston – Melody Yunzi Li
Course: Tales of East Asian Cities
Partner Institution: National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) – Courtney Queen
Course: Planning and Development of Health Promotion Programs
Partner Institution: Riga Stradiņš University (Latvia)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) – Rubini Pasupathy
Course: Special Topics: Transnational Determinants of Health: Philippines Virtual Exchange
Partner Institution: Silliman University (Philippines)

The University of Texas at Dallas – Mary Beth Goodrich
Course Name: Capstone Senior Project in Business Management
Partner Institution: Sheffield Hallam University (England)

University of North Texas – Hassan Qandil
Course Name: Mechanical and Energy Engineering Systems Design
Partner Institutions: Ajman University (AU) and Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) (United Arab Emirates and Jordan)

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley – Marcela Hebbard
Course Name: Rhetoric & Composition II
Partner Institution: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Mexico)

University of Texas Arlington – Jiyoon Yoon
Course Name: STEM Education in PK-12 Context
Partner Institution: Ewha Womans University (South Korea)

University of Houston – Stella Grigorian
Course Name: Sociology of Food
Partner Institution: Yerevan State University (Armenia)

Asian University for Women – Raghunandan Reddy
Course Name: Merchandising
Partner Institution: University of North Texas (USA)

Study Abroad Development Grant Recipients: Empowering Global Learners

The Study Abroad Development Grant recipients are dedicated to expanding global learning opportunities and nurturing intercultural competence among students through immersive international experiences. Let’s recognize the exceptional Study Abroad Development Grant recipients.

University of North Texas – Pia Wood
College: Health and Public Service
Department: Criminal Justice
Focus: International Crime and Justice in the Netherlands (ICJ-Netherlands)

University of Houston Clear Lake (UHCL) – Larisa Landry
College: Biology
Department: Education Abroad and Scholar Services
Focus: Biology/Biotechnology program in France (Lyon Catholic University)

St. Edward’s University – Georgia Seminet
School: School of Arts and Humanities
Department: Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Focus: Experiential Learning for Social Justice in Northern Spain (Universidad de Navarra)

Trinity University – Shana McDermott
School: School of Social Science and Civic Engagement
Department: Economics
Focus: Exploring Environmental Issues from an Interdisciplinary Perspective in Australia (Cairns, Australia)

University of Houston – Maggie Mahoney
Office: Office of the Provost
Department: Institute for Global Engagement
Focus: Mexican American Urban Communities in Mexico (Oaxaca, Mexico with Arcos Learning Abroad)

Texas Woman’s University – Aya Yoshikawa
College: Health Sciences
Department: Health Promotion & Kinesiology
Focus: Health Aspects of Aging in Japan (Kitakyusyu, Japan with Furate Medical and Welfare Corporation)

University of Texas at El Paso – Eric Meringer
College: Liberal Arts
Department: History
Focus: Exploration of Latin American and Legacies of Racial Hierarchy, Transculturation, Colonial and Neocolonial Exploitation, Dependency and Modernization in Ecuador (Andes and Amazon Field School (AAFS) in the Ecuadorian Amazon)

Lamar University – Melinda Nelson
College: College of Business
Department: Accounting and Information Systems
Focus: Global Business Management and Cross-Cultural Communication in the UK (Liverpool, England)

Paul Quinn College – Ervin James III
College: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Department: History
Focus: Examines the Enduring Legacy of Slavery in the Dominican Republic and the United States (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

We commend the COIL and Study Abroad Development grant recipients for their outstanding work and dedication to creating transformative experiences for students. Their efforts serve as an inspiration for educators and institutions around the world as they strive to provide inclusive, globally minded learning environments. The Texas International Education Fund (TIEF) extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the grant recipients for their remarkable accomplishments.